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What is Sunday?

Sunday is a code generator and family of client libraries for implementing generated REST clients and server stubs from RAML.


Sunday focuses on implmenting a consistent set of advanced REST features across client & server libraries and languages.

The key features Sunday provides:


The binding technology for Sunday is the Generator which generates clients for all of Sunday's client library implementations.

In addition, the generator also supports generating server and client interfaces for JAX-RS that are customizable for a number of implementations (e.g Quarkus).

Client Libraries

Sunday provides dedicated client libraries for the following languages:


The client library implementations use the latest concurrency features of their respective languages to make their usage effeciant and enjoyable. Concurrency featuers like async / await and coroutines are supported where available.

Client Generation

The Sunday code generator generates client APIs targeting the following client libraries:

Server Generation

The Sunday code generator generates server stubs for the following standards based libraries: